Frequently Asked Questions

What age group will my child be playing in?

Based on the QCSA rules a player registered in their official age group shall be under that age as at the 31st December of the previous year, e.g., a player 8 years of age at the 31st December the previous your shall have an official age of Under 9


Will my child play on a full soccer field?

All junior teams up to and including under 8's play on a half sized field. Under 9's and above play on a full field.


How young can a player be?

In the under 7's and under 8's a player must be older than 4 and 5 years respectively as of the 31st December of the previous year. Under 6's may be as young as 4 and under.


When are the games held?

During the season only on Saturdays. Finals and Rep matches may be played on other days.


How long are junior games? 

Under 6's & 7's                     15 minutes per side, 

Under 8's to Under 10's       20 minutes per side, 

Under 11's & 12's                 25 minutes per side, 

Under 13's & 14's                 30 minutes per side, 

Under 15 & 16                       35 minutes per side.


What size ball will my child be playing with? 

Under 6's to Under 8          size 3 

Under 9's to Under 13's     size 4 

Under 14's & and above     size 5


What equipment will I need to buy?

You will need to buy a pair of shin pads, a pair of club socks, a pair of club shorts and boots. Socks and shorts can be purchased at the Club Shop.  

Where can I find detailed rules and regulations for our competition?

Our competition is governed by FIFA and QCSA by-laws.  These documents can be downloaded from the QCSA Rules and by-laws site.

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